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    Languages and Processors

  • C++, C, Perl, Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran, Assembly, Scripting Languages, SQL, Java, JavaScript, CGI, XML
  • X86, PIC, 68X, 8051, DSP, and others
    • Embedded Software

  • OS - Custom, Off-The-Shelf - Windows 3.x/9x/Me, Nt/2000, Linux, Unix, PSOS, Nucleus
  • Compilers and Interpreters
  • Medical, Currency Handling, Process Control, Voting Equipment, Audio Equipment, Test Equipment
  • Algorithms - Calibration, Video Rotation, Line Smoothing and Edge Detection, Graphing Functions Test Software/Regression Test Software
  • Handheld - Battery operated, Desktop, Floor Standing
  • Driver Development - RTC, Tick, Serial, ECP, Parallel, I2C, SPI, Single Wire, IR, Video, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Solenoid, Motor, Multiline LCD, Keypad, Keyboard, Mouse, Touch-Panel, Joy-Stick, Audio, Electronic Pot, ADC, DAC
  • Driver Repair - PCMCIA, IDE
  • Palm Appliction Development
    • Windows Software - Custom Applications

  • Real Time Audio Test Software System
  • File Conversion Utility
  • Audio Player
  • Networkable Light Controllers
  • Speech Recognition Controller
  • MPEG Video Renderer
    • Web Software

  • Online Intranet Web Database
  • Web Site Implementation
  • Large Scale Reservation System
    • Linux/Windows IS Manager

  • Server Setup and Maintenance - File, Email
  • Network architecture - Web access, Email, File Serving, Local Private Secure Network with VPN - 25 users and 30+ ancillary systems
  • Windows/PC installation/configuration
    • Hardware Design

  • CPU board design, Test set design, Architecture working with Radisys on DSP video data capture and reduction board, Robots, Motors, Servos, Steppers.
    • Tool Design

  • Configuration release tools
  • Automated build tools
    • Project Management

  • Documentation/Specifications/Reporting
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Budget Creation and Control
  • Team Coordination and Direction